Dit is HUGO aankoopmakelaar. Met Hugo koopt u geen kat in de zak. Hugo waakt over ùw belangen bij het kopen van een woning.

Why Hugo

We specialise in the field. We go far beyond what other agents offer. For example, we won't hesitate to advise you not to buy a house if things aren't right, because our only goal is to make sure you are happy with your purchase.

Before you buy the property, you'll know all about the surrounding area, the prices, who your neighbours will be and what work needs to be done. In short, there will be no surprises. Moreover, Hugo is up to date and uses all the modern means of communication, such as his own intranet for clients.

This allows you to log on 24/7 to see what's going on. So anyone looking to buy a home will profit from Hugo's services. We're 100 % certain you will be satisfied with our work.



Your investment is 15% of the difference between the asking price and the actual price you pay, with a minimum of € 3995,--. This includes VAT.


An example:
We bought a house for a young couple.
We valued the house at € 217.000.

Asking price
Actual amount paid
€ 239.000
€ 210.000
€ 29.000

15% of the difference € 4.350