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1. Do I always have to take an agent with me
     when I'm going to buy a property?

It is not obligatory, but certainly advisable. Your father or uncle may know a lot, but an expert always knows more! If you’re enthusiastic about a house, then you will have a one-track mind: buy – buy – buy. We maintain a business perspective and keep a cool head in the cut and thrust of negotiations.

2. How much does it cost to hire Hugo as my
      buying agent?

Your investment is 15% of the difference between the asking price and the actual price you pay, with a minimum of € 3995,--. This includes VAT.

3. How many properties can we look
      at together for that rate?

There’s no limit to the number of properties. We do ask you to have a look at a property yourself first, before we go and look together. Because, after all, it’s fun to look at properties! And when you find a house you like, then we go into action. Should the sale fall through for any reason, then we’ll continue the search with renewed vigour.

4. Do I still have to pay Hugo if there's
      no purchase?

If we can’t agree on a price with the vendor, we won’t charge you for our costs. We’ll simply continue to help you find a home as agreed in the intermediary service agreement. If you decide not to buy due to structural deficiencies in the property or because you are unable to obtain a mortgage, then you pay a contribution towards the actual and agreed costs.

5. What if you can’t negotiate a lower price?

In that case, you pay just € 3995,-- for our services. Including VAT.

6. Can I pay for these costs as part of the

Most banks consider hiring a buying agent to be a smart move and will be happy to finance these costs.

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